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Etizolam is a drug from the thienodaizepine class which is chemically related to benzodiazepine (BDZ) analog. It is prescribed often for its anxiety and sleep-inducing properties. It acts like other benzodiazepines but is less sedative because of its chemical makeup. Etizolam is primarily used to treat anxiety disorder and insomnia. It’s one of the safest drugs to treat such a condition.

According to the World Health Organization, Etizolam is six to ten times more potent than Diazepam. It’s marketed as both generic and various brand names. It was initially introduced in Japan as a treatment for conditions like sleep disorder and anxiety. Now, it’s commonly prescribed in countries like India, and some European countries.

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Uses of Etizolam

Etizolam is a potent drug with a wide variety of uses which includes:

  • Treatment of pain, anxiety, sleep disorder, depression, and even headaches
  • Sedation and hypnosis at higher dose

How does it work?

Etizolam is a central nervous system (CNS) depressant. It acts as a GABA-A receptor agonist to produce an increase in inhibitory GABA transmission throughout the CNS. This suppresses the abnormal and excessive activity of the nerve cells in the brain.

Etizolam is well-absorbed by the intestinal tract. It rapidly floods the brain and reaches its peak action 30 minutes to two hours after being ingested. Its effect peak at around three to four hours and starts to wane after that. Etizolam has a longer half-life. But its duration of action is reduced to half of the original concentration after six hours.

How much Etizolam to take?

  • Take this medicine as prescribed by your physician. The prescribed dose for most adults is 0.25mg to 0.5 mg a day. The maximum recommended dose is 3 mg a day.
  • Do not take more than what is prescribed to prevent unwanted side effects. You can take this with or without food. Generally, it should be taken within 15 to 30 minutes after a meal.
  • Etizolam is typically prescribed for a maximum duration of 12 weeks.

Tips for taking Etizolam safely and effectively

  1. At a lower dose this drug is less likely to cause hypnotic effects. A higher dose can cause sedation, hypnosis, loss of muscle control, and other effects consistent with a sleep aid.
  2. The use of this medicine is for temporary treatment only. It’s intended for short term use. Prolonged and consistent use of this medicine can result in addiction and chemical dependence. If you keep using it, your brain starts getting used to it and incorporates it into your normal brain chemistry.
  3. Etizolam is very active at a very low dose. Using even half a milligram more than the recommended dose can considerably boost the effects.
  4. Doses of this drug beyond a certain level can be fatal. A high dose can cause respiratory depression that slows or stops breathing to the point of hypoxemia, coma, brain death, and death.
  5. Withdrawal symptoms can manifest after a sudden stop following just two weeks of continuous use. Withdrawal effects can be life-threatening for those who have used a significant amount for a prolonged period.
  6. Avoid consuming alcohol as this can increase dizziness and drowsiness. Do not drive or do anything that requires mental focus.
  7. This medicine is less sedative with lower dependence and tolerance. However, long-term use may cause the drug to be less effective. It may also cause dependence and addiction.
  8. If you wish to stop with your medication consult with your doctor. A sudden withdrawal can cause behavioral changes, convulsion, tremor, or anxiety.

Who can and can’t take Etizolam?

Do not take this medicine if:

  • You have a history of drug or substance addiction
  • You are pregnant or planning to become pregnant
  • You are breastfeeding
  • You have a narrow-angled glaucoma
  • You have liver disease
  • You have myasthenia gravis

Use with extreme caution among patients with:

  • Depression
  • Chronic psychosis
  • Phobias

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6 reviews for Buy Etizolam

  1. Nicole O’Sullivan

    This pill has given me my life back. I had been suffering from extreme anxiety a couple of months in a year. I can’t point out the reason, nor the trigger. It just happens. I have tried other medications but I always feel like a zombie afterwards. But with etizolam, it calms me down enough to get myself to enjoy my life.

  2. Amy Woods

    I don’t know if it’s genetics, but like a number of my relatives, I was hit with a major depressive disorder. I was barely keeping myself together when this pandemic started and as the pandemic doesn’t seem to end, I got more and more depressed. This is the first drug I’ve tried and thankfully I won’t have to go look for another since this works really well for me.

  3. James Freeman

    Always having lack of sleep because of anxiety has caused my physical health to go downhill. Taking this medication has helped me deal with the anxiety. Being able to sleep well at night has helped my body recover and I’m hoping that as I continue with this drug, I’ll eventually be able to function well and get on with my life.

  4. Andrea Everett

    I have been extremely anxious since this pandemic started. Now, a year after, and yet it still seems that this pandemic is not gonna be ending soon. My anxiety has consistently been high so I had to see a doctor. He gave me this and thank heavens it worked like a charm.

  5. admin

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  6. Alicia Howard

    For almost 3 decades, sleeping for me is very difficult. I have tried so many kinds of sleeping tablets and sleeping aids but nothing has really helped me fully. I had to be contented with just a few hours of sleep on a good day and none at all on a bad day. I thought that was just the best I could get. But last year, in the midst of the pandemic, I accidentally found out about etizolam. My doctor insisted that I try a few more other tablets first. I was put on zolpidem and eszopiclone but neither was able to help me. Until finally, my doctor consented to me using etizolam. With Etizolam, I was able to consistently have 8 to 9 hours of sleep at night. Now that I am able to get enough sleep without the hangover feeling from other medicines, I feel more fulfilled in life.

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