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Armodafinil is a prescription drug used to promote wakefulness. It is mostly given to people who are excessively sleepy as a consequence of sleep disorders. It’s also used to help those who need to stay alert during working hours if their work hours prevent them from having a regular sleep routine.

Armodafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent that influences the chemical in the brain that triggers sleeping and being awake. It is used along with other treatments in preventing sleepiness. Armodafinil has a longer half-life compared with other stimulant-like drugs such as Modafinil. It has higher plasma concentrations in the body later in the day. That means it may result in better wakefulness later in the day.

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Uses of Armodafinil

Armodafinil is FDA-approved for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness associated with:

Sleep apnea: A type of serious sleep disorder in which breathing rapidly stops and starts.
Narcolepsy: A sleep disorder that can cause sleep paralysis, hallucinations, and excessive sleepiness. Some patients experience episodes of muscle weakness triggered by a strong emotion, such as laughter.
Shift work sleep disorder: A sleeping disorder characterized by insomnia and excessive sleepiness that affects shift workers.

It’s often used off label in the treatment of conditions like:

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Major depressive disorder
Chronic fatigue syndrome

How does it work?

Armodafinil’s exact mode of action in promoting wakefulness is unclear, but it is thought to work on the central nervous system. Armodafinil helps promote wakefulness and improve attentiveness to those with sleeping disorders by affecting certain substances in the brain that control the sleep and wake cycle. Armodafinil stimulates the production of dopamine in the brain and reduces the reuptake of dopamine into the nerves. Dopamine is a chemical substance that nerves use to communicate with each other.

How much Armodafinil to take?

For the treatment of sleep apnea and narcolepsy:

Adults: 150 mg to 250 mg once a day. Take the medicine in the morning
Children: The dose for children must be determined by the doctor

For the treatment of shift sleep disorder:

Adult: 150 mg 1 hour begin work starts
Children: The dose for children must be determined by the doctor

Take this medicine exactly as instructed by your doctor. Take it at around the same time each day. Do not take more than the recommended dose or for longer than the required time of treatment. Continue to take it even if you are well-rested. Do not stop taking this medicine without telling your doctor.

Tips for taking Armodafinil safely and effectively

Armodafinil is not a cure for sleeping disorders and may not help you get rid of all your sleepiness. It won’t either take the place of getting enough sleep.
Do not use Armodafinil to help keep you awake if you do not have sleeping disorders.
Armodafinil is safe and effective in treating sleep disorders. However, if used outside of these conditions, it can be habit-forming and can negatively affect the nervous system.
This medicine can make you dizzy. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages while taking this medicine as this can make you dizzier.
Do not drive or do anything else that requires you to be more active.
Use Armodafinil with caution among patients with:
Mitral valve prolapse syndrome
Left ventricular hypertrophy
Armodafinil can cause serious allergic reaction that is life-threatening. Signs of allergic reaction includes:
Blistering, peeling, itching and loosening of the skin
Trouble breathing or swallowing
Swelling of the face, mouth, throat or hands

Who can and can’t take Armodafinil?

Do not take Armodafinil if:

You are allergic to its ingredients or you have other allergies
You are pregnant or planning to become pregnant as this can harm the unborn baby.
You have a high blood pressure
You have a severe liver disease
You have depression, manic disorder, suicidal thoughts
Cardiac ischemia
You have a recent history of myocardial infarction
You have angina pectoris

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19 reviews for Buy Armodafinil

  1. Anissa Williams

    For more than three years, I was taking modafinil. Then just today, I shifted to armodafinil and I feel much much better. With modafinil, I need to take two tablets to avoid the sleepiness and foggy thoughts. However, it also makes me nauseous. But with just one tablet of this armodafinil, I am able to stay awake the entire day and I haven’t had a feeling of wanting to vomit. I’m sticking to this.

  2. Charles Grant

    When I was having a very hard time staying awake at work and got diagnosed with a sleep disorder, I thought it’s gonna be the end of my career. My life was a mess and nothing seems to go right. But when I was put on this medication, I started to enjoy my work again and I get to have just the right amount of sleep that my body needs. I haven’t experienced any side effects so far – and I hope it stays that way.

  3. Kay Hill

    I haven’t really understood how this drug works – but I don’t care. My doctor told me this usually works, and it did. As long as this keeps me awake when I have to, I’ll take it. Otherwise, without this drug, I’ll end up depressed because of not being able to function well to take care of the kids.

  4. Spencer Austin

    I had been diagnosed with narcolepsy and had tried so many things just so I could do my job. Even before I went to the doctor to get checked, I had so many long hours of sleep even though I have kept drinking coffee and energy drinks and all the stimulants you could think of. When I started with the Armodafinil, I had experienced some slight dizziness and some jitters. But after about a week, the side effect gradually disappeared – maybe my body has already adjusted to the drug. Now I really feel better. I can do work properly and I rarely go on sleep walking! This do tend to be expensive if you get it from your doctor but overseas pharmacy like this one offer them at a much cheaper price. Their product works so I don’t mind ordering this from them in exchange to saving some bucks.

  5. Erin Gill

    I am on this medication for this past 10 years because I was diagnosed to have a sleep disorder. Besides having a sleep disorder, I also frequently have anxiety attacks so I’m on some psych meds. The drawback from these mood stabilizers, is that the side effect is extreme lethargy. That side effect plus a sleep disorder is disastrous to keeping a job. It had been a great struggle for me. But when I was prescribed by my doctor with armodafinil, I became more capable of doing my job right. A single tab of this med is enough to keep me awake for eight hours. If I need a longer time to stay awake and to prevent the side effect of my mood stabilizer to get to me, I simply take another dose and I’ll be okay.

  6. Desmond Clay

    I’m 58 years old and seven years ago I was told by my doctor that I have sleep apnea and had to use a cpap every night. Because of my sleep apnea and having to take pain medications that make me drowsy for my chronic hip pain, I sleep for about 16 to 18 hours a day. Because I can’t stay up long enough to go through a normal 8-hour job, I asked my doctor for a medicine to help me with my extreme sleepiness. I was prescribed with Nuvigil 150mg, took it for a week and it was able to keep me up for about 11hours. Unfortunately, with my current financial status, Nuvigil is pricey for me and isn’t covered by insurance. So, when I saw this site selling the generic form of the tablet at a very affordable price, I gave it a try. And I’m glad I did. On the first day with the armodafinil that I got from here, I was up for 12 hours. And after a week on it, I am able to stay up for up 16 hours a day. There are even times when I could push myself to stay awake as much as 18hours straight. It really felt good and changed my life.

  7. Jonathan Harper

    I had a sleep test during the start of this year and the result has shown that I have sleep apnea. I had extreme feeling of exhaustions which was why I went to the doctor. So after knowing that I do have a sleep disorder, I was prescribed with armodafinil. I didn’t feel the effect immediately on the first day of taking it and thought it wasn’t the drug for me. But amazingly, on the 2nd day, I had so much energy that it felt really refreshing after so many years of feeling exhausted all the time. I’m fortunate enough that the first medicine prescribed to me had positive effects on me. I know others who had to try different medications before they find the one that works for them.

  8. Taylor Morgan

    I work in a hospital and for those who doesn’t know, our working hours change from time to time. It’s always terrible for me to work during a shifting schedule where I end my work at midnight and start my next shift in the morning right the next day. Whenever this happens, I get really sleepy and I just can’t keep myself awake at all. I’m already worried that I might have a sleeping disorder already. I can’t drink much coffee; I get uneasy feeling from it and it upsets my stomach half of the time. It was right until a new nurse that got hired introduced me to these gems. I’m so happy that I could handle these shifts now.

  9. Sam Jordan

    I got diagnosed with sleep apnea last year and it’s severe that I had to be placed on a CPAP machine. I think it worked for about a week but after that first week, it felt like it was suddenly not working for me. I still feel really really tired all the time. Then my doctor prescribed me with armodafinil and it felt really great! I’m able to do more stuff now and working is no longer a very big struggle for me. I do still feel a bit of tiredness at times but it’s tolerable and rarely happens.

  10. Rosie Davies

    I used to sleep at least 12 hours every day. I felt like not being able to accomplish lots of things. I’m 20 and currently in college and my sleepiness is just ruining my college life. I don’t hang out much with friends and I don’t even finish my school work. I got armodafinil from a friend whose stomach gets upset from caffeine drinks. Works like a charm. My body’s sleeping time is now what I believe to be normal. I’m curious if my sleepiness will come back if I stop taking. I’m gonna give it a break by the semester’s break.

  11. Cameron Mitchell

    This medicine has been life changing. I always had them to help keep me up. I used to get sleepy at work and it became really hard to focus on my job especially since I’m tasked with organizing and keeping the records of our company. I don’t know but it felt like I needed at least 13 hours of sleep before. It was tough becoming productive when you’re sleepy all day. I decided to give these unbranded ones a shot thinking I might save up some cash and it’s one of the great decisions that I made. They work just like the ones with what I used to take. It costs me 150 bucks just for 50 pills so it’s definitely quite pricy if I stayed on my old brand.

  12. Jordan Wilson

    I was on a tight schedule for my school report and I needed to maximize the hours that I have remaining to finish them on time. The problem is I’m a sleepy guy and I could never keep myself awake for 24 hours straight. I can’t actually control the sleepiness that I experienced falling asleep while back riding my brother’s bike. I’m so desperate so I tried taking armodafinil and boy it did wonders for me a lot. I’m so happy to have the power of delaying the sleep that I should have. I am more at peace now thinking that with the help of armodafinil, I could always get some extra time I need by taking away some sleep time (which I have too much of).

  13. Katerina Tucker

    Great for college students who spent an all-nighter for a report the next day. It gives you a temporary boost to move on with the day. If you are a person who doesn’t want to look and feel tired during a report or presentation after a long night. This is your go-to pill. It is very very effective.

  14. Stephen Scott

    I was diagnosed with hypopnea which was said to pose some risks to me that could put me to death while I am in my sleep. I have been including armodafinil as part of my regular meds. It has proven effective for me. Recently, I was told that my breathing has been getting better.

  15. Jennifer Gibson

    It doesn’t work much for my cousin but it works great on me. I often get screwed with my online classes. The home is too comforting for me, It’s already a struggle for me to not be sleepy in a physical setup. It’s even more difficult to be awake when I’m at home. I ran out of reasons to my professor about why I wasn’t responsive a couple of times. I know my prof knows that I’m just talking BS. But with the help of this armodafinil, I am able to be more attentive to my classes.

  16. Phil Smith

    I need to take armodafinil everyday to jumpstart my day. Before being on this med, I get this heavy tired feeling in the morning that it makes me lose strength. My morning feels like the end of the day already and I wanted to do something about it. So ever since my doctor prescribed me with this pill, it kept me alive and active throughout the day. It even got me on a better mood and I am able to accomplish more since I am able to use my time in the morning to do productive stuffs. I even started some short runs.

  17. Adrian Reed

    Armodafinil is really good for people with chronic fatigue. It was able to elevate my mood and brain performance which helped me get promoted at work. It was also good for some minor pains that I endure every now and then. It also gives good rest and quality sleep once you’re done with it.

  18. Luke Reynolds

    I have messed up my body’s sleep during the pandemic’s lockdown. I didn’t have a fix time of sleep and I only have them for 2-4 hours in interval spread throughout the day. Now things are getting back to normal, my body is still isn’t up for it. Armodafinil gets me through the day for now. Thank you for these.

  19. Ethan Mills

    I have a full day job as an events photographer and a part time online job as a photo editing specialist. I used to be able to handle both of them since I love photography but since the demand rose, I ended up with loads of photos to enhance and edit which gives me sleepless nights. I do manage my time and not accept a lot of photography projects but whenever I have one, I need to finish them right away and send the photos to my client so I needed to stay up and still be active for my day job and catch up the rest on the following days. Armodafinil works really great in these setups. Keeps me wide awake when needed.

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